Tarot Cards

Tarot Cards

Reading tarot cards is one of the oldest forms of divination going back to ancient Egypt. In every deck of tarot there are 78 cards with images, numbers, and symbols. Tarot readings are like constructing a building, each number, image, and symbol represent a certain phase of that building. Your reader is gifted in the art of being able to interpret what these images, numbers and symbols represent.

What to expect: A tarot reader interprets the numbers on each card that represents the foundation of your building; the images represent the floors; and finally, the symbols reveal the finishing touches that gives your building character or style. Once your building is complete, you will have all the information you need to answer any question and go forward with life in control of your own ship.
Your Tarot Psychic

Are you facing a decision and unsure what you should do? Do you want insight into who or what is influencing your life right now?

Let a tarot psychic use the wisdom of the cards to help you find your way.

Tarot psychics are inspired by the images of the tarot deck; the cards connect them to you and the issues in your life. Your BeaconTruth tarot psychic will work with a deck with which he or she has a psychic connection. The same energies that the universe is sending into your life now will influence which cards turn up.

Through your BeaconTruth psychic reader, the cards will tell you everything you need to know to understand the challenges you’re facing, the gifts coming your way now, the choices you have, and what your future holds.

Why choose a tarot psychic?

Since the 15th century, psychics have relied on the insight the tarot brings. It holds an honored place in the approaches to divinatory readings.

Through the cards, your tarot psychic will have a psychic connection to the archetypes – timeless guides such as the High Priestess, the Empress, and the Hermit, who will guide you on your journey, as they have guided people for hundreds of years. If you feel overwhelmed by circumstances, the tarot can help sort out what is happening, and why – and give you a path forward to finding happiness, wealth, love and spiritual fulfillment.

What you can expect from your tarot reading.

You can ask your tarot psychic a specific question, and the cards will answer that question, giving you insight into what you are concerned with right now – a love interest, your career, or a decision you need to make. Or you can ask for a general reading, and let the cards bring you information that you might not know to ask for. Your psychic will work with you to connect you to the cards, and then lay out your reading in a way he or she has found insightful. Then your psychic will read the cards for you, one by one, helping you understand what energies are in play in your life, and what choices would lead to the happiness and fulfillment you long for.

Let your instinct be your guide to choosing the BeaconTruth tarot psychic who will use the wisdom of the cards to help you find your way.