Psychic Readings

Psychic Readings

A psychic reading is when you ask a psychic to help you get information from the Universe that you want or need, in order to make intelligent and informed decisions. The help you seek through a psychic is manifested through the tool or tools that psychic uses in order to communicate with the Universe. It makes little difference what tools the psychic uses, as the Universe will make sure you get the messages you need.

What To Expect: Our pledge to you is to make sure that at Beacon Truth we provide the absolute best and most thorough reading possible; delivered in a professional and compassionate manner.
Your Psychic Reader

Do you need answers to questions and don’t know which way to turn? Do you need to make a decision, but don’t have enough information to choose wisely?

Let an experienced psychic medium bring their skills and experience to give you the insight you need, confidentially and compassionately.

Psychics can connect to the patterns that connect you to others, and to the universe, and read those patterns. Each of our BeaconTruth psychics has years of experience in finding how they work best to get you the answers you need.

Your psychic may use tools, such as tarot cards, crystals or a pendulum. They may rely on guides, such as angels, ancestors or animal guides. The spirit may tell the psychic things you need to know – or the psychic may open and let the spirit speak to you through them, with their voice. Some psychics are able to connect to people you wish to speak to who have died, to ask them for information you need, to express to them your love for them, and to let you know they are doing well in the afterlife.

Or your psychic may simply open to the messages the universe is sending, and follow the thread that tells him or her the influences on your life, now and throughout your lifetime.

If you are seeking information about an object, you may want to consider our psychics that use remote viewing, a way of locating objects and intuiting information about them.

How do psychic mediums receive messages?
Psychics receive information in different ways. Clairaudient psychics “hear” information. Clairsentient psychics “feel” what they need to know. Clairvoyant psychics “see” things others cannot.

Our skilled BeaconTruth psychics psychics are experienced and gifted. Whichever psychic you choose, he or she will use their skill to tune into your energies and follow the thread that is your life, to see what was, what is and what will be.

What you can expect from your psychic reading?

Let the psychic reader you choose guide you. He or she may ask you questions – or may ask you for silence while they move from the ordinary mode of understanding and knowing, to a psychic mode. You may have a particular question you want answered, and your psychic will seek the answer to that question. He or she may very well pick up on additional information you need to know.

You can read introductions to each of our tarot, numerology, astrology and other psychics. Just as our psychics know things beyond explaining – so do you know, intuitively, the psychic that is best for you. Whoever you choose, you’ll experience a compassionate, confidential reading that helps you find the happiness and fulfillment you long for.