When you are born the stars and planets are aligned in a specific manner. This alignment is like a map with invisible lines drawn from star to star and planet to planet. The same thing is true concerning specific dates in your life when important and life changing events happen.

What to expect: Your psychic astrologer will use your birthdate and other pertinent dates that you provide, to create a clear picture of how the celestial bodies align during those times and how they affect and influence your life. The map or maps these dates represent is your pathway of information from the Universe.
Your Psychic Astrologer

Do you want to understand the influences that guide you, in this lifetime, and what you’re meant to learn? Are you seeking confidential, compassionate insight into the influences shaping your life right now?

Let a skilled psychic astrologer use the movement of the stars and planets to help you find your way.
Astrology psychics use the ancient science of your birth chart, along with charts for a particular day, month or year to see into the challenges and opportunities that are yours, right now. Charts are created to illustrate the position of the stars and planets at a specific time and place. The psychic then uses the way the planets interact to advise you. Psychic astrologers are inspired by the archetypal characteristics of the planets – Venus’s influence on love and romance, Mercury’s influence on communications. Your BeaconTruth psychic will start with information your chart provides, and then use his or her psychic abilities to intuit what those influences mean to you, right now. Through your skilled BeaconTruth psychic astrology reader, the planets and stars will tell you everything you need to know to understand who and what is influencing your life right now, and guide you in the choices that will bring you happiness and fulfillment.
Why choose an astrology psychic?
Astronomers in ancient Babylonia were studying the planets and the stars over 2000 years ago; astrology is an ancient science. Through a chart based on your birthdate, birth place and time of birth, your psychic astrologer will generate a great deal of information on the position of the planets, and how they relate to each other. Your chart provides the “science” of the reading; your psychic’s insight and intuition use the charts to intuit what influences are shaping your life right now, and in this lifetime.
What you can expect from your astrology reading?
Each astrology psychic has his or her own approach that has proven to give accurate, insightful information and advice. Most will give you the option of asking a specific question, and will answer that question, as well as giving you general information. You might wish to ask for advice on your career, a current romantic interest in your life, what you should do about a specific situation, or any other issue you’re dealing with. Or, you can ask the psychic to tell you how the planets are moving in your life, overall - now and in the future. Let your instinct be your guide to choosing a skilled and caring BeaconTruth psychic astrologer who will use the movement of the planets to help you find your way.